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The Classic Jaguar Association offers membership to owners of SS Cars and early Jaguars and those who have interest in these cars.

As a member, you will receive our publication, The News and Technical Bulletin, which offers free classified advertising for non-commercial members. Members will also have access to our New & Technical Bulletin digital archives here on our website (under the Resources section). This growing archive (which is still being built and is currently being added to daily) will eventually house a comprehensive knowledge-base consisting of technical archives dating back to the Clubs' inception in 1962!

We also offer registries of most of the SS and early Jaguars. We do encourage our members to list their cars in our registers.

CJA automobile badges are separately available for purchase in addition to badge tabs that match the marque of your preference. Research material can be borrowed and purchased through our publications catalog. we have a spares coordinator who can usually assist members find parts.


President Reed Van Rozeboom 115 La Colima
Pismo Beach, CA

Vice President
- Position Open -

- Position Open -

Treasurer Lonnie Sutter
1444 Key View
Corona del Mar, Ca. 92625
Membership Dick Strever
4515 North Bank Rd.
Crescent City, Ca.
Tech Editor Ed Nantes
51 Frater St.
Kew East,
Victoria 3102
Spares Dick Van Rozeboom
217 E. Brown Ave.
Fresno, Ca.
N&TB Publisher Adam J. Ryszka

Back Issues Adam J. Ryszka
Legal Advisor Ron Laurie
C/O Weil,Gotshall
2882 Sand Hill Rd.
Menlo Park,Ca.
Founder Richard T. Trenk Sr.
6310 93ed Terrace #4101
Pinellas Park, Fl.

Webmaster Dick Strever
4515 North Bank Rd.
Crescent City, Ca.


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